Klon Terbaru : Lembu Kacukan Panda



Again, genetic engineering at its peak.  Crossing, combining and manipulating genes of different species to come over with a new and different product has always remained a passion of human being. Genetic engineering also called as genetic modification and is explained as a direct intervention of human being in exchanging organism’s genetic material in a way that it doesn’t occur naturally.

Recently, the technique applied by Chris Jessen in which he successfully crossed a cow with a panda. The new specie, I personally suggest a name, should be called as Cow-Panda or Copanda is given a name of “Colo”. It’s a result of genetic combination and Colo appears to be like a cow in its nature and panda in its appearance. White circles around his whole body give him a look like a Panda. In my opinion this creature would be in great demand in the countries where Panda are extinct or especially doesn’t exist. Colo has given a private name of Ben and is reported to be born on Friday, 31st December 2010.

As long as Chris Jessen is concerned, he is a farmer having interest in doing all such things that can shock the world. He already owns a miniature kangaroos in his farm and now another addition – a miniature cow.

Jessen is of the view that its solely a pet bred and he is willing to sale it for $ 30,000.

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